Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wake up little rosebud... wake up!

I've never cared much for Crowder, but he makes a very good point here.  He reminds me of a right wing Geraldo, which means drama added whenever possible and always to make self look good.  I mean, look at the photo... I'm conservative and still want to throw him under the bus?

All Lives Matter?
I think not...

You put evil in a cage or kill it, 
it will not be made to play nice! 

If you didn't already know their beliefs and
have not considered their support of terrorists,
you really need to pull your head out of your arse! 
Negotiating peace is not possible without force...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finally, the truth about Baltimore!

Language Warning

h/t to commenter on The Deity's Blog

Skip child support
Go to jail
Lose job

Reform is good, as long as
you don't mess with their revenue!

There is a sad cycle of desperate people going to jail because they can’t pay all their bills, fines, court, probation and jail fees. I believe many of their problems are self-induced, but once the cycle begins, the death spiral to the gutter can become a perpetual occurrence. 

Whether it’s child support or probation fees, many more people are adversely affected than just the perpetrator.  Our justice system, including Texas, does not make it easy for people on probation to keep and maintain employment.

Miss work, bring money or go to jail, no exceptions.  Yes, these are the consequences of your actions, but definitely not supportive of full time employment.  These examples are just the tip of an iceberg the size of Australia.

What percentage of government employees do you believe actually care about helping a convicted criminal end this cycle of oppression?  What percentage of government programs do you believe actually achieve a positive outcome?

What we have here, is a failure to successfully operate!

Please remember, if you don't have compassion and forgiveness in your heart, even for criminals, don't expect any when it's your turn to be judged.  You may not be guilty of a crime, but don't expect God to render a verdict of "innocent"!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My humor can be disturbing at times

Pandering or Whoring
To become POTUS

You think crime is bad now, Presidential candidates from both parties want to go easier on criminals. They call it “reform” but it’s not about “justice”, it’s about votes. We are watching them compete for the black vote. GOP is looking for 25%, Dems are wanting >75%. Pandering at it’s very finest!

Watch who will be serving and drinking the Kool Aid labeled “Reform”. Heartbreaking stories of oppressed and impoverished people: victims, not criminals. You, the privileged are responsible for not providing them the opportunities of the American dream.  

Poor criminals, your new POTUS will take better care of you.  This is similar to giving an alcoholic a keg of beer every week and expecting him to stay sober.  Responsibility is not learned unless accountability is imposed.

You want criminal justice reform? Hold politicians and law enforcement officials accountable for criminal behavior; don’t just have them resign, make them do time! You want more reform? Enforce all the laws on the books indiscriminately, otherwise change them! When justice applies to everyone, you won’t see near the rebellion, rioting and civil unrest.

Why are they not addressing the most pressing problem in America today? The safety and security of the American people. Do you feel safer today than 5 years ago? Are your kids safer, inside or outside school? Do you feel safer in your home, at work, at church or in public? Do you feel safer now when traveling?

Is this government actually making us safer? Driving drunk is more prevalent when penalties are reduced. More are willing to murder when its 5-6 years in prison instead of life or death.  Letting people out of prison to reduce prison population enables criminals to commit more crime. 

I’m beginning to get the feeling that they want us to feel less safe, so we can will depend on them more.  An old Bush tactic.  What level of government dependence are you currently subject to?  Will you accept the blame for being responsible for these criminals' victims' behavior?  Should everyone be held accountable for their actions, black or white or dressed in blue?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prepare to defend yourself,
your family & your property

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away ~
Criminal accountability 
different from state to state

Four teenagers were convicted of murder without killing anyone.  Indiana takes crime very seriously and death is a shared responsibility.  Even though I think 50 year sentences on these kids is harsh, I have no problem with them being held accountable for their friend’s death.

'Under Indiana's felony murder statute, a person can be charged with murder if someone is killed while he or she is committing or attempting to commit another crime.

It was around 2 p.m. They attended an alternative school, which let out early, and they were hanging out at Quiroz's front porch. They discussed ways to get some quick cash to buy weed. Breaking into a home seemed like a good idea. So they began looking for an empty house.'
In retrospect, this type of accountability can be successful only when implemented across the board, on everyone, no matter who they are, what they do or their socioeconomic status.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White collar crime?

Do you find it a bit odd that a former employee of the Clinton Foundation just got a life sentence in Egypt for espionage with foreign countries? High ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood may help with the Clinton’s fund raising efforts, but folks, call me old fashion, but I still believe that where there is smoke, there is fire!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope you will forgive me if I seem cynical or malevolent, but I have become skeptical about the graft, fraud and piracy these superfunds are subject to.  I understand International Medical Corps are mainly volunteers.  I understand Facebook is matching my donation.  I understand that I may be wrong for my lack of trust, but I feel jaded by the Haiti superfunds that are still sitting in bank accounts and so very few people were helped.

The Clinton foundation did help build a $45 million hotel in Haiti for aid workers.  Of course, by the time it was finished most aid workers were gone.  I'm sure that hotel enriched the lives of so many homeless and poverty stricken, even though they can't afford to stay there.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Protest, because it's
easier than a solution

 ~ I learned something new Saturday. Words with Friends informed me that the word “NEGRO” is no longer an acceptable word. Of course, you can use “HONKY” all day long and its considered acceptable. What a double standard we have in today’s academia…of course, you probably already knew that.

  ~ The world has learned, by America’s example, that capitalism is a solution for poverty. Free enterprise worked under capitalism until business could buy government support to regulate, impede, obstruct, inhibit and decelerate competition. Many examples in large industry include food, medicine, banking, utilities and insurance. Uranium mining is a recent example as well. 

I feel safer knowing that Russia now owns 20% of the Uranium in the USA.  That, along with their new partnership in business with Iran just puts the icing on the cake.  Who would sell America to its enemies?

~ Isn't it quite the hypocrisy that the world is condemning Indonesia for enforcing its laws. The UN has even called for a halt of the drug dealers executions. What a great way to deflect attention on the real problems in the world, like genocide, human trafficking and mass murder.

 ~ Sugar has recently been accused as the main reason for the obesity epidemic throughout the world. The WHO came out with this information during the Bush Administration, but were told the USA would withhold $406 million in their funding if they included that information in their report. That administration is guilty of many atrocities in the name of corporate profit.

Sugar is more addicting than cocaine in rats. I bet you didn’t know that our government indirectly subsidizes obesity here. 80% of our schools have cut deals with either Coke or Pepsi. When Americans get tired of seeing their kids get sick and die, they will force a change, probably similar to the fallout with tobacco that lasted 50 years.

  ~ I read an interesting article on a theory of why our bees are dying. I never thought about overdosing on pesticides, after it gets them high…

  ~ The Nepal earthquake is quite horrific. If you’re like me, you wonder if a donation to relief there will go into someone’s pocket, like in Haiti, or if it will actually benefit the people. At this point, I trust none of these fund raising efforts.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hate: a disease of the heart
that poisons the minds of millions

Ever wonder why liberals hate this man?

Somewhere in time, much of our government abandoned its primary duty, to protect and serve, and became a self-serving, self-regulating, self-enforcing entity that is seemly not subject to rule of law. They now justify abusive, cruel, corrupt and vindictive actions as part of their right as enforcement officers and officials, whether they work for the DOJ, DHS, IRS, ATF, city, county or state.

This unchecked, unrestrained supremacy attitude starts at the top and filters down, just like entitled, spoiled children learned their attitude from parents or others who influenced them. This attitude has created a new breed of haters, activists and criminals that truly believe they are doing the right thing and can justify illegal and violent behavior, on either side of the law.

Paradoxically, haters just create more haters, normally out of the people they direct their hatred. When enough cop haters condemn them, law enforcement develops the same attitude of hate right back, although silently since expressing it would risk their job.  When that happens, we can pretty much forget about our legal rights since they won't matter.

In today's culture, it seems anyone who questions or disagrees with government authority is automatically deemed a hater, troublemaker or extremist.  Evangelical Christians were at the top of the government's extremist list in 2013, just above the Muslim Brotherhood.  Since leadership has identified the targets, do they feel justified to just point and shoot?

I was on a social media site and read a comment by my friend, a law enforcement officer, where he inferred that cop haters were “worthless”.  I don’t know about you, but I would not be motivated to serve and protect someone I considered worthless, nor would I have a problem shooting someone I considered worthless.

We should be very concerned when people in authority, who have been sanctioned to enforce the law, use their badge, position or weapon to force their will on someone, whether lawful or not.  Right and wrong seems secondary to 'what can I get away with'.

This same attitude of hate and entitlement occurred once upon a time in Germany, under a wonderful dictator Time Magazine named “Man of the Year” in 1938. America's media endorsed the most horrible dictator in modern history. He influenced Germans to carry out dreadful acts against other humans, using hate speech and advocating their entitled “master race”.
Master – a person with the ability or power to use, control or dispose of something or someone.
Are we too blind to realize that history is repeating itself?

We must recognize that hate is a disease of the heart that poisons the mind and body, many times to the point where people act out and do terrible things.  Hate is an equal opportunity infector, it doesn’t discriminate race, creed, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital or socioeconomic status. Hate makes man his own worst enemy.

Fueled by fear, hate is authenticated by anger, bitterness, resentment, intolerance, condemnation, suspicion, rejection and dishonesty.  We see it every day and occasionally experience the emotion, sometimes in the form of road rage.  How we react to the emotion is what separates the men from the boys!

If we are to survive this pandemic, someone, somewhere has to end the cycle of hate. If we choose to hate those who hate us, we are no better than these very people. That doesn’t mean they should not to be held accountable for violent, unlawful actions. Everyone should be allowed to experience the consequences of their behavior, no matter what their position in society.

Lady justice is supposed to be blind, not enforced as I see fit.  She does not administer punishment on initial contact, in the field, without due process.  She should not have her hand out asking for contributions which always tip her scales. She always protects the poor from those who would oppress them.  Justice is not shoot first and ask questions later.

Make the right choice: do not become a hater because you are hated!  Both justice and Jesus have a servant's heart, not that of a hater. Do not lower yourself to anyone's standard!  You set the standard!  You become the one who ends the cycle of hate within your circle of influence.  This is the only solution, and it's very powerful in practice!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

That annoying time between naps.

~ Lindsey Lohan sent this photo out to her 3.5 million followers on Instagram. The words in Arabic mean “Jackass”. I found this to be quite fitting considering the source.

~ You might want to keep in mind that swimming in North Texas lakes has become much more hazardous with the risks of alligators. I recommend keeping an eye out...

 ~ Just in case you hadn't heard, our Coast Guard is patrolling and confiscating drugs on the South and Central American coasts. Since we can't win the war on drugs in America, I guess we can confiscate it down there. Is risking the lives of our Coast Guard worth it...

 ~ So how do you cash in on being Hillary Clinton? You condemn countries like Russia for invading the Ukraine but take their money by helping them get US government contracts. The Clinton Charitable Trust is now worth over $2 Billion and growing.

 ~ If you care to know who funds Al Sharpton and National Action Network, this article names them. They are paying an insurance premium, one which insures there will not be a black boycott of their goods and services. This used to be called extortion. Before that they called it “protection” or “shakedown”. 

 ~ Insanity of the month:
"Nonhuman animals do not have legal rights any more than they have legal responsibilities. For a court to hold otherwise would have tremendous adverse legal and moral implications for mankind." BOB KOHN, a technology lawyer, after a judge in New York ordered a hearing to examine whether caged chimpanzees can be considered "legal persons."
For those of you unable to read the between the lines, if they succeed getting animals to be considered "legal persons", they will have the right to marry, as well as all other rights shared by Americans.  This cannot stop with monkeys due to discrimination against other species.  More hope and change...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Don't GoPro the PoPo in South Gate

U S Marshals don't like being filmed

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Haters diguised as Christians

CHINOs = Christians in name only
Should be a popular group for people who want to use religion and the Bible to justify hate speech.  I mean really, they get to pronounce judgement on complete strangers and call them names.  Move over Al and Jesse, you have competition!

If they're a street gang, I have the perfect name: The Pharisees

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gypsies, tramps and thieves...

All you conservative Republicans need to remember that your congressional leadership is just as guilty of adding to the national debt as their liberal counterparts.

I suspect they’re buying votes with this spending bill as well as not giving the Democratic Presidential nominee ammunition to make them look bad to Medicare recipients. They even allowed a lot of extra pork spending in the bill as well, making sure the right people get paid.

~ I predict Hillary Clinton will come out and promote raising the minimum wage to over $10 an hour. This should get every working high school student in America out campaigning for her. She would become the new messiah. Small business, on the other hand, would suffer and your burger would go to $6+.

Now that the Dept of Justice has forbid employees to solicit prostitutes, I am wondering if that order would be extended to the First Husband?

~ Would you believe ISIS is operating a camp in Mexico, 8 miles from El Paso. Based on what I read, if this is true, we will see Texas start to light up like a package of Black Cats.

~ “the 30,558 criminal aliens ICE knowingly released back into the community in 2014 had amassed nearly 80,000 convictions, including 250 homicides, 186 kidnappings and 373 sexual assaults.” The safety of Americans doesn't look to be a priority based on this quote from the Washington Times?

Homeland Security, the latest departmental oxymoron.  Is it just me or are we seeing a pattern here? Change is progressing exponentially.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Unaccountable Congress

 ~ Corruption doesn’t end just because a Congressman leaves Congress. Although illegal, almost 1/4th of them have gone to work “in positions aimed at influencing government policy”. Does the Department of Justice allow injustice through selective enforcement? The answer is obvious.

America’s leadership setting the example for criminal behavior. They are selling out our country as fast as they can find a buyer. To hell with their oath of office, their campaign promises or their agreements. Liars and thieves held unaccountable because of their position. When Washington’s line of credit is not extended, all those dollars they’ve hoarded will be as worthless as they are.

~ The problem with a community organizer as POTUS is that all communities won’t do what he tells them. Thus is the case with Iran and Russia. Since he organized sanctions against both countries, Russia is now selling Iran missiles and trading them food for oil. This will allow them to continue killing their neighbors and anyone opposing them in the region, including US troops.

Yea, now that Russia’s lifted the ban of selling missiles to Iran, they can shift into high gear in aiding terrorist groups as well as defend their nuclear weapons bases. How many people will Iran kill in the Middle East before someone decides to stop them? You think Israel won’t be targeted?

~ The latest phenomenon in manipulating lawsuits, especially with gender issues, is to inspire indignation and create public sentiment, whether truthful or not. Public opinion has great power on the national level, influencing settlements and decisions before arguments are made. Sharpton and Jackson have shown the way.

~ In case you want the latest insanity, tree huggers are turning corpses into compost in their Urban Death Project. Makes perfect sense. They may rename it “Death by Plague” once it reaches the water supply; or maybe “Traveling Dead” when animals dig them up and drag them off.

~ Recently an unsatisfied wife hired a Welsh witch to cast a spell on her husband to revitalize their sex life. Yepper, they’re selling sorcery on Etsy now. I guess that’s easier than weight loss and exercise.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's just too much information

The nightmare continues...

~ Of the 54 officers charged in fatal shootings over the last decade, few actually suffer any serious consequences when killing an unarmed person. Of the thousands of killings by officers, only 54 were charged, and most of those were due to special circumstances. Based on what I’ve seen lately, this could be a travesty of justice.

~ Did the governor of Illinois really think he actually ran that state? Sorry, the Unions have more control over the law there than you do. Your new law is meaningless, as is your open shop agenda! Welcome to the new America and Chicago politics!

 ~ Porking! The latest in hate crimes in Edmond Oklahoma. The FBI is investigating bacon being wrapped around the door knobs and left around the entrances of a Muslim Mosque. Islamic Society of Edmond representative considers this “an attack”.

This is the first bacon attack I’ve heard of. When I was a kid, the rednecks I hung around with would have gutted a pig on the doorstep and left it, not out of hate, but for fun, as a practical joke.  If it was done out of hate, they would have defiled the entire property.

~ The UN is holding an Inhuman Weapons Convention in Geneva. They will be addressing “killer robots”, which is a fully autonomous weapons system. They want to get ahead of the “Terminator” curve, where the decision to kill someone is not made by a human.

How can anyone stop countries from developing the perfect army? This is the future of war, like it or not. The money involved should be staggering and no one in the world has the power to shut down the Industrial Military Complex, which will find multiple buyers. I expect mass production once operational.

If you think an autonomous robot is a distant dream, then watch how they taught this one to sword fight.

~ Did you know your internet searches are being tracked and your queries and preferences sold to third parties? If you don’t believe it, Google “herpes” or “cold sores” and watch what happens online in the next few days and weeks. You will start seeing ads to sell you products that match your searches. You didn’t think those ads were just coincidence did you?